Dr. Richard Leone
Dr. Richard D. Leone

Dr. Leone has become the foremost expert in the Tacoma and Pierce County area for herniated discs, bulging discs and spinal stenosis through treatment with spinal decompression and MLS Laser Therapy. He has been able to save countless patients from spinal surgery through this revolutionary treatment. After 37 years of solely treating patients with chiropractic care, he found that there was always a small percentage that did not respond to care and those were primarily disc condition patients – and they were typically the ones in the most critical and life-altering states of health. He shifted focus to an exhaustive education of the intervertebral disc along with spinal decompression and has since counseled well over 2000 patients for this specific condition.

Recently and through these consultations, peripheral neuropathy has again and again coincided with these disc conditions along with spinal stenosis. Dr. Leone then created a comprehensive protocol for peripheral neuropathy that has given hope to sufferers of this condition when they have been told countless times by their medical doctor – “you’re just going to have to live it.” The body was designed to heal itself without drugs or surgery – Dr. Leone has been saying this for 50 years and in that time, has been providing the most effective, natural, non-invasive and technologically advanced treatment for patients in the Tacoma area.


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